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Vegetable sambhar recipe

Vegetable Sambhar recipe
Sambhar is usually served with steamed rice as one of the main course of South Indian Cuisine . Sambhar is also served as a side dish for dosa, vada and idli and are popular for breakfast or an evening snack in south Indian states.The choice of vegetables depends on personal liking and are optional.
I usually prepare for lunch and have it with steamed rice.

Tuhar dal- half bowl
Curry leaves- 9-10
Mustard seeds- 1 tsp
Methi- 1 tsp
Tamarind – 1 tablespoon soaked in half cup water
Garlic- 8-9 cloves
Ginger – 1 small part
Astofoetida (hing) - ½ tsp
Haldi- 1 tsp
Red chilli powder- 1 tsp
Coriander powder- 1 tsp
Sambhar masala- 1 tsp (Optional)

Brinjal- 100 gms
Bottle gourd- 1 (small)
Carrot- 2 (Small)
Gavar or cluster bean- 100 gm
Potato- 1 (Chopped into 4 pieces)
Yam  1 (small part)
Lady finger (bhindi)- 100 gms (optional)
Tomatoes- 2

Preparation time- 15 min
Cook time- Half an hour
Total time – 45- 50 min

Preparation :
1) Dry roast jeera, corriander and red chilli, grind it and keep it aside.
2)  Chop all the vegetables.
Brinjal into half
Wash the lady finger remove both the sides and slit from between
Remove both the sides of cluster bean.
Chop yam and bottlegourd into big pieces
Peel the carrot  and chop from between and then into 4 pieces
Slit tomatoes into 4. Don’t break them apart.
3)  Prepare tamarind juice by soaking tamarind in a bowl of water.
4) Heat oil in a pan, roast tuhar dal for a minute and remove it from the flame and grind it  (you can add water while grinding)
5) Make a paste of ginger garlic.

1)  Heat  the oil (Use the same oil which you have used for roasting dal), add rai and let it crackle then  add hing, curry leaves and methi.
2) Add ginger garlic paste. Cook it for 2 -3 mintues or until the oil seperates.
3) Add chopped onions and tomatoes, add all the masalas, salt and all the chopped veggies and cook with the covered lid till all the veggies become soft.
4) Now add tamarind water by squeezing tamarind with the hands discard the solids. (You can also mash it with the spoon and strain it using a sieve and discard the solids).
5) Adjust water as you want. Our sambhar is ready to be served with roti or idli or rice.

1) All vegetables are 1kg whichever veggies you like you can add.
2) You can use mix vegtables like drumsticks, potato, brinjal, capsicum, radish, carrot, pumpkin etc.
3) You can also cook all veggies in cooker with the pressure of  one whistle.
Savita Rana